Every Android fan knows Samsung phones are extremely popular, but just which models are leading the pack? A new report sheds some light on the situation, not just helping to confirm that Galaxy models are the most used in each US state, but also revealing some interesting trends about the devices preferred in different regions.

PC Magazine compiled data from one million Android devices that used Ookla's Speedtest mobile app this past October to create a state-by-state map of the most-used Android phones in the US.

(Image credit: PCMag.com)

Part of a family once considered niche and even ridiculed for its size, the dominating prevalence of Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 across the country reveals how attitudes towards big-screen phones have solidly changed; residents from 30 states plus the territory of Washington D.C. claimed the Note 9 as their favorite

The Galaxy S8, which is smaller and older than the Note 9, was the favorite Android phone in 17 states, mostly in the North and along the East Coast. When the Galaxy S8 first came out, it featured a major design change, with significantly slimmer top and bottom bezels, relocation of the fingerprint reader from the front to the back, and a long and curved display. With two years of sales behind it now, its presence on the map makes sense.

The Galaxy S9+, despite arriving to market in the same year as the Note 9, was the majority Android phone in only two states: South Dakota and Connecticut. Perhaps its small iterative changes from the Galaxy S8 series weren't compelling enough to drive mass adoption from Americans.

The Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series, despite being popular phones, failed to snag a single top spot — likely due to the fact that they haven't been on sale for even one calendar year and their still relatively high prices.

So there you have it: Americans love their Samsung Android phones, and for a lot of them, the bigger the phone they can get, the better. And if you're living in the North or the East, there's a good chance you're still hanging on to an older flagship — maybe it's time to start thinking about an upgrade.