Stadia is having a rather bumpy start, but Google is trying to make up for the problems by improving communication with customers. When the company took to Reddit to announce that Stadia Premiere Edition boxes and codes have started shipping, it also shared that it wants to experiment with daily updates on new features and enhancements going forward.

The Stadia team tests posting short daily updates starting this week, leaving out only the US holidays on Thursday and Friday. After that, the format is supposed to continue every day.

One of the first updates the company communicated is fairly minor to most, but important for anyone affected. In a direct response to many comments in the original post, the Stadia community handlers say that they're looking into reports from Premiere Edition "users with an order date of October/early November who have not yet received their code or shipment."

The company also announced that as of Friday, November 22nd, all Founders should have received their code, provided that their means of payment were successfully charged.

Stadia pivots to sharing weekly updates on Reddit

Just about a week after Stadia started posting daily updates to Reddit, it has already decided to stop the test. The Stadia community managers determined that "it's better for all of us if we post updates when we have something significant to share," which isn't necessarily the case every day. Instead, the managers want to provide weekly updates going forward, either every Wednesday or Thursday. They feel that "this will have an overall bigger impact, and we don't want our updates to lose value if we don't have a lot to say on a given day."

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