Soon after Google released the December security patches for the Pixel phones, it followed up with a changelog detailing which new user-facing features have made it in. Among those, the company also teased a "Fix for Pixel Wallet display in power menu" in reference to the quick Google Pay shortcut seen in a beta version of Android 10. Since we never found any evidence of the functionality's availability in the stable release, we asked Google about it. That led the company to rewrite the changelog twice to finally say that it's currently an experiment that may roll out in a future update.

The initial changelog published with the December security patches. Note the last row.

Following our first exchange with Google, the company changed the description of the feature to remove the "Pixel Wallet" terminology, calling it a "Fix for Google Pay card display in power menu" instead, as you can see below.

The first revision of the changelog, exchanging "Pixel Wallet" for "Google Pay card."

Since we've yet to see either a Pixel Wallet or Google Pay functionality in the power menu, we kept asking Google when and if the feature would be available. We were told that the company would reword the change once more, this time to clear up the confusion around the terminology. The changelog now says, "Fix to suppress power menu on payment tap in some regions,*" with the asterisk leading to the following note:

12/3/19 Edit Note:
*Updated Google Pay fix to better describe actual fix. This is an experimental feature that may roll out in a future update.

The current all-new revision, now coming with an asterisk.

Google calling the feature an experiment indicates it's likely only available for a small subset of testers at the moment, and we're not quite sure why this bugfix was even broadly publicized among the other more common issues in the first place then.

Another odd thing: When Android 10 launched, Google actually confirmed some "Quick wallet access" feature accessible through the power menu on the Android website, only to remove any mention of it later.

The company seems to have hit some major roadblocks that might prevent the feature from becoming widely available soon. Still, the fact that Google already includes it in the changelog could be a hint that the developers are working hard to fix whatever problems they still have with the power menu wallet. Hopefully, we Google Pay users will soon be able to use the function. It looks like it could help speed up checkout times in stores since you won't have to open the dedicated app to choose your card first anymore.