For anyone that loves cooking and spending time mixing and matching things in the kitchen, online recipe sites are a godsend. You type in a few ingredients and get dozens if not hundreds of recipe suggestions. But if you have a dietary restriction and don't want to waste your time sifting through the results looking for the ones that fit your preference, you can now tick a couple of boxes and Google will remember that for you. At least it will do so in Assistant on smart displays.

In Assistant's settings, there's a new Food & drink section that lets you specify if you follow a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian diet. The recipes recommended to you by your smart display (Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Lenovo, JBL Link View, etc... ) will follow that setting. So you'll get a smarter selection of recipes based on your dietary restrictions.

The setting should already be live for everyone in Assistant. If you'd rather not get any personalized recommendations, you should turn off personal results for each Assistant device you own.

  • Thanks:
  • Nick Cipriani