Mozilla has been working on a brand new version of Firefox for Android based on a revised rendering engine for some time and aims to publish it to the stable channel next year. For now though, Firefox Preview 3.0 has arrived, and it brings along enhanced tracking protection, an updated overflow menu, the ability to move the navigation bar to the top, and many other improvements.

Enhanced tracking protection is now fully available on Android.

Enhanced tracking protection is the feature Mozilla is using to differentiate itself from competitors. It hinders third-parties from setting cookies that fingerprint and analyze your browsing behavior, effectively hiding ads on many sites. While Firefox Preview has been blocking trackers since its inception, the enhanced part of the equation makes it easier to manage exceptions and what exactly is blocked. Other privacy-enhancing improvements include the option to open links in private tabs by default, a function that can automatically clear browsing information on exit, and the ability to choose what data to sync across your Firefox instances. A feature that lets you block autoplay and background playback has been added to the browser's settings, as well.

Left: Toolbar on top enabled. Middle: New "Toolbar" entry in Settings. Right: "Add search engine" option now available.

On the UI front, it's now possible to move the toolbar from the bottom to the top, where it'll automatically disappear when you start scrolling down. The swipe-up sheet behind the address bar sporting share, bookmark, and reader shortcuts has been removed, but the options are still available in the three-dots overflow menu. You can also force enable zoom on all websites for accessibility reasons. Additionally, an option to add custom search engines is finally available.

What's new in Firefox Preview 3.0
Welcome to Firefox Preview 3.0. This release comes with the following features to make browsing and bookmarking safer and easier:

Add-on support still hasn't made it into this release, though Mozilla is planning to add it during a later stage of development. Firefox Preview 3.0 is currently still rolling out to the Play Store and not there for everyone yet, but you can alternatively get the Nightly version with all the new goodies, also available from APK Mirror.

Mozilla officially announced Firefox Preview 3.0 today, and the update is now rolling out for everyone on the Play Store. The blog post mentions a few features that the changelog didn't previously reveal, including a 'Send to device' feature for sending multiple tabs to another Firefox browser, and a customizable search widget.

APK available

Firefox Preview 3.0 is continuing to slowly roll out on the Play Store, but if you're tired of waiting, you can now also download it over at APK Mirror.

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