What's better than a portable projector? How about a portable projector that runs Android? Two of Anker's projectors, the Nebula Mars II Pro and Nebula Capsule, have their prices slashed until the end of today.

First up is the Mars II Pro, a lunchbox-sized projector that is now $370, a $180 drop from the usual price. The main selling point here is the super-bright 500 ANSI Lumen lamp, which is brighter than pretty much every other portable projector you can buy. Sadly, it doesn't run the nicer Android TV-based software like Anker's Nebula Capsule II—instead you get a heavily-modified version of Android 7.1 with a third-party app store.

You can still watch Netflix, YouTube, and other services, plus you can sideload APKs and connect other devices via HDMI. While we haven't tried the Mars II Pro ourselves, we did review the regular Mars II, and the only difference between the two is a brighter lamp on the Pro.

If you're looking for something smaller, the original Nebula Capsule is also on sale for $221.99, a drop of $78 from the usual price. It runs the same heavily-modified Android 7.1 OS, but due to its smaller size, it has a much dimmer 100 ANSI Lumens projector. You'll need a very dark room to get a good experience with this model—you can see our full review here.

Both models are only on sale for the rest of today, so grab 'em while you can.