Asmodee Digital published Luckyhammers' digital adaptation of FryxGames' physical board game Terraforming Mars on PC in October of 2018, but thanks to a rough launch the planned mobile release was apparently put on hold. Well, it would appear that Asmodee Digital finally feels confident enough to push out a mobile beta test, which means you can finally pick up the Android version of Terraforming Mars on the Google Play Store for $4.99.

Terraforming Mars is a strategy game that takes place in the distant future, and it's the player's role to form a corporation to then launch a handful of assorted terraforming projects on the planet Mars. Each player will compete to see whose corporation contributes the most substantial changes to Mars in a race to terraform the entire planet.

This Android port supports single player content as well as a couple of multiplayer modes. If you'd like to play the primary campaign on your own, you'll have to face off against the computer AI, but if you'd prefer to play with friends and family, then the five-person multiplayer mode is for you. Besides the core campaign mode, you can also expect to find a more sophisticated variant mode as well as a solo challenge mode where the goal is to terraform Mars within a time limit.

The key thing to consider about this beta release is that the PC version had some troubles when it first launched last year, which is reflected in the current Steam user reviews. I suppose this is why the Android version was launched as a beta instead of as a finished product, so that eager fans can jump in slightly early to report any issues they may happen across. From what I've played things seem to be pretty stable, though the UI can be overly confusing at times.

I'm always happy to see a new title from Asmodee Digital on the Google Play Store. This is a studio that has brought many fantastic board games to our platform, and even though the digital adaptation of Terraforming Mars may have had a rough start on PC, now that the game has received a few updates over the last seven months it would appear that the mobile port is almost ready for prime time. If you're eager to jump in early and don't mind dealing with a few potential bugs, then today's beta launch is the perfect chance to check out the Android version of Terraforming Mars.

Terraforming Mars
Terraforming Mars
Developer: Asmodee Digital
Price: $8.99+

Terraforming Mars will officially land on Android on December 4th

Asmodee Digital recently announced that the official release for the Android port of Terraforming Mars would land on the Play Store on December 4th, which is tomorrow. We still don't know exactly what time we should expect the game to be launched, or how the title will be monetized, though I am hopeful it will launch as a premium release, much like the Steam version, which is currently on sale for 60% off. It's also worth noting that the previous beta testing version was removed shortly after my original coverage in May (above), but the listing has returned to the Play Store as of yesterday, though currently there is no way to install the title, so it would seem everyone will have to wait until tomorrow to jump into Asmodee Digital's latest mobile board game adaptation.