We live in the future, and it's a future in which you can buy a robot to clean for you. They don't always come cheap, but you can get a few Ecovacs robot laborers this Black Friday for a bit less than usual. There's the relatively simple Deebot N79S, the mid-range Deebot 661, and the deluxe Deebot Ozmo 920.

The N79S gets praise not for being the best robot vacuum but for being a good deal. It vacuums your floors with a semi-random pattern, bouncing off of walls until it runs low on battery. It's usually, $179.99, but it's on sale for $149.99 ($30 off) today. If you want to spend a little more to add mopping capabilities, the Deebot 661 is a whopping $210 off today only. It's usually $399.99, but you can grab one for $189.99 if you act fast.

Bth the above robots just bounce around the room, hoping they hit everything before the battery runs low. The Ozmo 920 has a laser sensor to map your room, and it's got both vacuum and mopping attachments. It's the most expensive of the current deals by far, though. The Ozmo 920 usually costs $699.99, but it's on sale for $599.99 ($100 off) right now. Whichever version you choose, they're all compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Deebot Ozmo 920 drops another $250

The premium Ozmo 920 vacuum and mopping robot has dropped a further $250 from the recent sale prices. It's now just $349.99, which is half of the original MSRP that it sold for until earlier this month. This sale price is only good for the rest of the day, so don't think on it too long.