Whenever you want to remove an unwanted series or movie from your Continue Watching list in Netflix, you have to jump through some hoops. You can't get rid of content right through the app on your phone or TV; you have to head to your Viewing Activity in your account's settings on Netflix's website instead. Thankfully, it looks like the company wants to make this more streamlined and is working on adding this functionality to its Android app.

We noticed a new three-button overflow menu on items in the Continue Watching carousel on the home screen of the Netflix app. When you tap it, a few options show up that allow you to watch the title, see more information on it or recommendations for other content like it, play a random episode if it's a series, share it, and rate it. The last entry in this menu is the most interesting one, though: 'Remove From Row' lets you delete a title from your Continue Watching list. A dialog will ask you for additional confirmation before you can do that, but once you tap 'OK,' the content will disappear from the Netflix home screen.

The three-button menu adds a 'Remove From Row' option that lets you delete titles from your Continue Watching list.

So far, we've only seen this functionality pop up in Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii's Netflix Android app, probably as part of an A/B test. Even Netflix itself still points to the Viewing Activity in settings to remove titles from your Continue Watching list. Hopefully, the company decides to implement this option widely and all of us will soon all be able to remove that one bad series or movie we don't want to continue watching from our list conveniently.

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