Action cameras had their day, but now a lot of attention has shifted to 360 cameras for their ability to capture everything without worrying about keeping the camera pointed in the right direction. When Insta360 launched its flagship model, the One X, it became the camera to beat. Like many other companies, the Black Friday deals have been rolling, and Insta360 is no different. You can pick up just about everything from the online store for a discount through the end of Cyber Monday.

The savings vary quite a bit by model, but most people are probably looking for the One X or EVO, both of which come with a savings of 15%. Accessories are also marked down 10% across the board, but you can save a bit more by purchasing them with a camera since the bundles get the same discount rate as the matching camera.

There are also some pretty huge savings on the original Insta360 One, Nano S, and Nano, but keep in mind that these models are only intended for use with iPhones. There's technically an Android-compatible variant of the original One, but it appears to have been out of stock for quite a while.

The only consumer-oriented model without a discount is the brand new Insta360 Go. The only professional camera getting a discount is the Pro 2, which gets a fairly sizeable $500 savings, but with starting price of $4999, it's not the model most of us would look for.

One X


One - only available for iOS

Nano S - only available for iOS

Nano - only available for iOS

Pro 2