With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday just ahead, odds are a good chunk of you just bought a new phone — or you're planning to. Whether you've got spec envy, you're moving carriers, or your old phone is just broken, there are plenty of reasons for wanting an upgrade. It may have been just yesterday or two years ago, but was your motivation the last time you bought a new phone?

Just because you follow tech news doesn't mean you have the cash to upgrade every year — or maybe even every few months — chasing the latest specs and features. For many of us, a phone a tool that is replaced only once it's used up, after those last bits of utility have been wrung from its aged body. Most can withstand years of use, especially if you replace the more wear-prone components like the battery.

That said, if tech is a hobby and you've got the disposable income, you might upgrade with more frequency. Even on a relative budget, you can move between phones more often by buying outright, selling the "old" ones while they're still valuable to subsidize newer models. It's not cheap, but it's a more affordable way to feed your hobby.

So what about you? What was the reason (real or otherwise) you gave yourself for buying a new phone — if you had one at all? If you think more than one answer applies, select the one you considered most important in your decision.

Why did you last upgrade phones?

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