If you're in need of premium audio gear without the premium prices, you've landed on the right article. All throughout this Black Friday weekend, Harman is running exclusive deals on a ton of its most popular products, like wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, and much more. Here are just some of the highlights you'll want to check out:

Headphones and earbuds

Left to right: HK Soho, AKG N5005

When it comes to channeling serious sound straight to your eardrums, look no further than these headphones and earbuds from Harman Kardon, JBL, and AKG. Each of these deals cater to different needs and budgets, so you're certain to find the perfect pair just for you.

Portable speakers

Left to right: JBL Link 500, HK Onyx Studio 5

Whether you're cooking dinner in the kitchen, doing chores around the house, or putting up holiday decorations, listening to music through your smartphone's speakers doesn't produce the best sound quality. Pump up the volume and clarity with these Bluetooth speakers from Harman Kardon and JBL.


Left to right: JBL Studio 530, JBL SP8II

Sometimes, "turning it up to 11" just isn't enough. When you need the volume to fill up a room and then some, you're going to want a set of loudspeakers that pack plenty of punch, just like these options from JBL.


Left to right: HK SB20, JBL Bar 5.1

Try as they might, the speakers built directly into your high definition television just aren't good enough to match the quality of its gorgeous display. Give your TV audio experience a noticeable upgrade with these wireless sound bars from Harman Kardon and JBL.

Save even more on Harman gear this Black Friday weekend

These discounts only scratch the surface of how much you can save on premium audio gear. All throughout the Black Friday weekend and into Cyber Monday, Harman is hosting even more deals on gear like JBL Free X in-ear headphones, JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth speakers, and JBL Bar Studio sound bars, just to name a few. See everything Harman has to offer for the holidays on its website now.

The following items are still available for a reduced price on Harman's website:

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