Lawnchair Launcher is the go-to home screen replacement for many looking to duplicate the Pixel experience on other phones — once you get used to things like Google Discover and the "at a glance" widget, it can be hard to go back.  The updated V2 version has been around for a while in alpha and Play Store beta releases, though folks have been clamoring for and bothering the developers about a stable release on the Play Store for ages. That day is finally here: Version 2 is rolling out, and you can download it now.

If you aren't familiar with Lawnchair, the short version is that it's a home screen replacement that can do pretty much everything Google's Pixel Launcher can, but with extra customization options and bonus features on top. Version 1 aped the Nougat-style Pixel Launcher, while this updated V2 more closely approximates Google's updated design since Oreo and forward. It can also give you Google Discover/Feed integration on a screen to the left of the launcher, though you'll have to separately download the additional Lawnfeed app for that to work.

A Galaxy S10+ enjoying the Pixel stylings of Lawnchair Launcher V2.

Among the headlining changes in version 2 is expanded functionality for the "at a glance" widget, which can pull info including battery status and unread notifications for things like currently playing music, emails, and chat messages. There's also Dark Theme support, Sesame integration, and Pixel-style app suggestions, app actions, and tab/category support in the app drawer. More basic (but still appreciated) customization options include variable grid and icon size, icon pack support, and support for shortcuts and notification dots.

TL;DR: It makes your phone's home screen look and behave like a Pixel's, but with more options, open-source benefits, and it's free. As someone who enjoys the Pixel software experience (though not always the associated Pixel hardware), Lawnchair is my go-to launcher for non-Pixel devices.

Whether the idea of a Pixel-style launcher is new to you or you've been using it for years, you can now enjoy version 2 of the Lawnchair Launcher, which more closely approximates the latest Pixel experience. The update which delivers it is rolling out as we speak on the Play Store. If you don't see it just yet, it's also available for download over at APK Mirror.

Lawnchair 2
Lawnchair 2
Developer: deletescape
Price: Free