There was a period of time when we thought the microSD slot was about to disappear from flagship smartphones, but luckily, it's made a comeback. PNY's 256GB Elite-X microSD card is currently just $26.99 from Amazon, making it a cheap way to add storage to your mobile devices. Other sizes are discounted as well.

These Elite-X cards are U3-rated, meaning that the minimum sequential write speed is 30MB/s, compared with most other cards' U1 (10MB/s) base speed. If you intend to perform a lot of file transfers or film a lot of 4K video, this rating is pretty much a must. Like most other cards, the maximum read speed is 100MB/s.

$26.99 for a fast 256GB microSD card makes this the best deal on a card of this capacity that we've seen thus far. 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB prices have been slashed as well. This deal expires in a little under 12.5 hours. If you've been waiting for a microSD card deal, this is about as good as it gets.