It's no longer cool to have just one router. This is the age of mesh routers, and Eero is one of the top brands. The company (an Amazon subsidiary) recently unveiled a new version of its routers, and that one is on sale along with the older "Pro" variants. You can save as much as $150 on new mesh routers if you go all out.

The new Eero kit is cheaper than the older Pro, but it's slightly less capable. It's dual-band, and you have to set the access points on a table. The Pro has a hub that needs to sit on a flat surface, but the "beacons" plug right into a wall outlet. The Pro is also a tri-band system.

The newer Eero is on sale for $69.99 ($29 off) if you just need one AP. That can expand an existing Eero mesh or run alone. The three-pack Eero system is $159.99 ($89 off), with coverage for up to 5,000 square feet. The Eero Pro sets are also steeply discounted. The Eero Pro with one beacon is $209 ($90 off), Eero Pro with two beacons is $279 ($120 off), and a set of three Eero Pros is $349 ($150 off).