With everyone's eyes fixed on Disney+ right now, it's easy to forget other video streaming contenders exist. Hulu doesn't want you to overlook it and is now offering a sweet deal to get new subscribers hooked: $2/month for the ad-supported plan for a year.

To celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Hulu wants you to take over the TV and start watching all the shows and movies you want — family time, turkeys, and football be damned.

Well, maybe you could make an exception and just enjoy these for a couple of days. Promise to come back to your TV later, because it rules.

Keep in mind though that you need to be a new subscriber to benefit from the discount. After the year is over, the plan's price goes back up, and you'll have to start paying the original $5.99 per month.

Still, one year should be enough time to catch up on lots of good content, including the most ah-mah-zing comedy of all time, and the saddest cancellation in recent TV history, Happy Endings. Just make sure you watch season 1 in the correct order, not the messy mess that ABC aired it in.