In time for the holiday season, Google today announced that it's flipping on the Nest Hello winter ringtones. Just like during Halloween, you have a number of options to choose from in the Nest app to bring the festive spirit to everyone visiting your home.

Since the holidays pan out a little differently depending on your religion, there are a four themes with a total of ten tunes to choose from: Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and "nondenominational winter sounds" are all available, though the latter includes a sleigh bells ring that does have a strong Christmas vibe to it.

If you own any Google Nest speakers or displays and have visitor announcements enabled on them, they'll play the same sound you chose for your Nest Hello when someone rings your door.

The seasonal doorbell themes are live for everyone in the US already and the Nest app should let you know that they're there upon startup. Let's hope Google manages to revert customers back to the regular ringtones without hiccups once the holidays are over. After Halloween, some people found themselves stuck with spooky tunes until a server-side fix from Google rolled in.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free