If you do the bulk of your shopping on Amazon, but still check competitor sites for price comparisons, Jeff Bezos would like to know. The company has pushed out a new Amazon Assistant service — available within the Amazon Shopping app, as a standalone app, and as a browser extension — to close the gap between browsing other sites and opening up a fresh tab for Amazon.

Amazon has been shoring up code to introduce an assistant that's not Alexa — the Amazon Shopping app gained an accessibility service sometime in the past several weeks. Regardless of whether you think of this effort as a personal data sink, just remember that Amazon probably has a ton of information about you already.

Besides the dedicated app, you can turn on the assistant from the shopping app by going into the app's settings and tapping Amazon Assistant. You'll need to enable the accessibility service and a draw-over permission for both apps in order to make sure the assistant is visible on the web browsers you choose.

When you're checking a retailer on, say, Chrome and Amazon is able to pick up on a product it sells — we got a few hits on B&H Photo and Target, but not every product will ring in — it will pop a chat head up. Tap on it and you'll get a quick link to the product's Amazon page along with an overview of its price, rating, and a Q&A.

The browser extension has more features than just springing up a self-promoting toast notification: with it, you won't need to open up the website to check on order and shipment updates, your universal registry and lists, and a quick link to favorite products and deals.

If you're interested in trying out the new Amazon Assistant, all the download links you need are below. Slickdeals notes that select Amazon accounts are being offered a promo code for $10 back for orders worth $100 or more and initiated through the browser extension.

Amazon Assistant
Amazon Assistant
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