Back in July, Wyze announced person detection on its security cameras which it implemented with the help of third-party service provider It seems like the contract between the companies lets the AI firm terminate the lease at any moment without reason, which is exactly what has happened, as Wyze announced in a blog post yesterday. Luckily, the camera manufacturer can continue using's technology until mid-January 2020 and is already looking into rolling out its own in-house solution later next year.

After the planned mid-January firmware update, person detection will be temporarily removed while the company works on its own version. Wyze isn't sure if it'll manage to run the function locally on the cameras like's solution, but even if it has to rely on the cloud, it promises not to charge its customers.

Hopefully, the company is able to provide a capable alternative to sooner rather than later in 2020, as many users probably already have come to rely on the feature. It's also great to see that Wyze wants to keep person detection free, even though it just launched its first subscription service, Complete Motion Capture.