Smart light bulbs, given their relative ease of use and immediate impact on daily life, are a common entry point to the world of home automation. Many entry-level bulbs are only capable of producing white light, but spending a bit more adds the capability to manipulate the color and atmosphere of your home lighting. Thanks to a deal currently available at Best Buy, the Hue A19 bulb is on clearance sale for $36, which represents a savings of $12 off the list price.

This latest deal could be particularly helpful for those who already have some Hue hardware set up in their home. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase the $50 Hue Bridge or another compatible Zigbee hub like the Amazon Echo Plus. Once you get these bulbs up and running with your controller of choice, they are capable of producing 16 million different hues in addition to standard smart bulb features like dimming, automation, and remote control. You can also control your Hue bulbs with your voice by taking advantage of their Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

Follow the link below to pick up an A19 Hue bulb from Best Buy for yourself. Make sure to check out our Black Friday 2019 hub to see more great deals like this.