If you're shopping Black Friday deals for smart displays, you might find most of them are a little too large or intrusive to use in the bedroom — you want to consolidate devices and save real estate, not plunk a TV down on your nightstand. If you'd like something simple and sleek, Rakuten is offering the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant for just $34 ($46 off), its lowest price ever, with coupon code LEN6B.

The Lenovo Smart Clock was released this June with a hefty price tag of $80. The little clock features a 4" screen that displays — well, a clock, as well as media controls. The device has built-in Google Assistant and can do anything you'd ask your Home Mini to do. With a sleek design, fabric cover, and neutral grey color, it should easily fit in with your chosen decor.

In our review, we lamented that the Lenovo Smart Clock was a pretty good Assistant device at too steep a price. The screen just doesn't offer enough extra utility to justify paying $80. At less than half its MSRP, though, it becomes a pretty good Assistant device at a really good price. It's still a little bit steeper than a Home Mini, but if you like to have a physical alarm clock or control your media manually, it's worth the extra $10. Pick it up today for $34 ($46 off) at Rakuten with coupon code LEN6B.