Charging devices can often be painful, but things have become much simpler thanks to USB-C cables. Indeed, you can now carry a single charger to fill up your phone, laptop, and accessories. However, to power up a computer at full speed, you'd need a wall charger with a relatively high wattage, which often tend to be bulky. Thankfully, RAVPower's 61W USB-C PD wall charger can deliver enough power to fill up a MacBook Pro, while remaining relatively small. Thanks to this deal, you can get it for just $25, which is $11 less than what it usually sells for.

The charger delivers up to 61W over USB-C PD, which is enough to fill up almost any compatible device at full speed, including a laptop. The wall charger is about half the size of an original 13" MacBook Pro charger while delivering the same amount of energy. This is achieved thanks to the latest Gallium Nitride technology, which allows for less power loss while reducing footprint by 15 times.

Click the link below to get yours today. In order to benefit from the discounted price, you'll have to apply the on-page coupon code before adding the item to your cart. Keep in mind you will still need a separate USB-C cable, as the package only includes the wall charger.

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