Black Friday is creeping up. Whether you're wading out into the sea of shoppers or staying cozy at home while you shop online, you might want something to drown out the noise while you browse deals. Anker has a Bluetooth offering from their sub-brand just for you: snag the Soundcore Spirit Pro for just $18 ($21 off) at Amazon with an on-page coupon.

The Soundcore Spirit Pro are pretty handy for a jog, either on the treadmill or down the road, with their Bluetooth functionality and IP68 dust and water resistance. Also handy are the included shirt clip and cable clip to keep your Spirit Pro in place while you work out. The handsome little 'buds also promise a 10-hour charge, so you'll almost be good for your whole ultramarathon — but at this price, you can afford a second pair for the home stretch.

The black (grey) variant of the Soundcore Spirit Pro is on sale for only $18 ($21 off), with the red and blue variants trailing only slightly behind at $20 ($19 off). Just make sure to hit the checkbox to activate your coupon before buying.