Bringing the pictures you've taken on your phone to life has become pretty easy with the advent of dedicated cloud photo storage — Google Photos, for example, helps you get albums out to your friends and relatives in just a few days. But what if you want a faster solution? Something that doesn't involve optical scans of your phone's screen? Well, CVS and Walmart have made it possible to get same-day Google Photos prints at over 11,000 locations.

Google is now participating in the Kodak Moments Prints partner API program which makes Photos users' photos printable on machines available in over 7,400 CVS stores and more than 3,500 Walmarts.

You can now order up to 200 4x6" prints at a time via your personal Google Photos account. Crop and add effects to each picture to your delight, then schedule pickup — again, within the same day — at a participating Kodak Moments print shop.

A quick check for our nearby locations show that Walmart is charging 25 cents per print while CVS is charging 33 cents — your price may vary.  Once you place your order, you just have to head to the store at the appointed time, give your contact name to a store associate, and pay the price plus tax.

Official Google press release

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More print sizes

Google Photos now allows you to order larger print sizes. You can get 5x7" and 8x10" photos in addition to the existing 4x6".

Press Release

Kodak Moments Technology Enables Printing to CVS Pharmacy from Google Photos
Offers Consumers Same Day Pickup of High-Quality Photo Prints from over 7,400 CVS Pharmacy Stores
Kodak Moments, a leading global provider of photo products and services to retailers, consumers, and entertainment properties, announced today that its technology is underpinning Google Photos’ new print to store experience for CVS Pharmacy locations in the U.S. Consumers will be able to order high-quality prints directly from their Google Photos app for same day pick up at CVS Pharmacy stores. Google has made this service available through participation in Kodak Moments Prints partner API program.
Launched in 2015, Google Photos serves as the home for photos and videos, helping people store, organize and share their photo and video libraries. Accessible via iOS or Android as well as through Google Photos on web, Google worked with CVS Pharmacy and Kodak Moments to provide customers with the ability to print photos for same day pickup across the U.S., which is powered by Kodak Moments’ vast global retail network and enhanced software technology.
“With a majority of U.S. consumers currently printing photos and over a third of those planning to print more in the future, making prints a reality for Google Photo users for pickup at CVS stores nationwide is a natural next step,” said Nicki Zongrone, President of Kodak Moments. “The Google Photos app is all about ease and convenience, which are the same benefits we’re focused on providing from a printing perspective with our retailers.”
A leader in the retail photo space, Kodak Moments’ partnership with CVS Pharmacy provides Google Photos users with more than 7,400 printing locations.
The ability to order prints from Google Photos for pick up at a nearby CVS Pharmacy store is rolling out across the U.S. and will be broadly available in October 2019.