With phones getting taller and taller, Google has grown fonder of bottom bars in its apps. The latest app to get a new interface centered around moving essential shortcuts to the bottom is Google Duo.

In a server-side change, Duo has relocated action buttons during a video or audio call from the left side of the screen to the bottom. The camera off, mute, and switch cam buttons now flank the red call button on each side, with an additional overflow menu on the right. For now, the only option available there is the low light mode toggle, but hopefully this is a sign of more capabilities in the future.

Left: Current interface with buttons on the side. Right: New bottom bar, expanded to show Low Light.

Since this is a server-side change, we don't know if the new UI is in testing or in a gradual rollout. It seems to be linked with v67 of Google Duo, but not everyone on that version is seeing it just yet.

Google Duo
Google Duo
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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