The first thing a smart home needs is a robot vacuum cleaner. Somewhere behind that in importance is a smart scale. Eufy sells both products, which you can currently get together for $200—that's $80 off the vacuum and the scale for free, a total savings of $110. Though neither the scale nor vacuum has the motivational option of insulting and screaming at you, their smart integrations make up for the missing feature.

The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C and Smart Scale C1 connect to your smartphone via eufy apps, and they both integrate into other platforms. The vacuum is voice controllable—compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant—and the scale sends data to apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. The vacuum connects to your Wi-Fi network, while the scale uses Bluetooth to communicate directly with your phone.

The vacuum cleans continuously for up to 100 minutes and automatically returns to its charging dock when it's running low on battery. If you ever can't find it, you can have it play a sound, which you trigger within the smartphone app.

The scale can be used to calculate various aspects of your physical health—including your BMI, bone mass, and muscle mass—all of which it charts historically within its app. Should you require, the scale is also able to determine your weight. And if you find yourself traveling in and out of the United States often, you may appreciate the ability of this scale to change units between pounds and kilograms via a single button.

To get the vacuum and scale at the sale price, add both to your Amazon cart and apply the coupon code EUFYSCALEC1. The vacuum will already be discounted; the coupon further reduces your overall price, making the scale effectively free.