True wireless earbuds were initially pricey, but many cheaper alternatives have since been released on the market. One of them is the Soundcore Liberty Neo, which has been designed to provide a good compromise between decent audio quality and affordability. The buds were initially priced at $60, but you can now get them for just $34.

In our review, we appreciated their comfort and build quality, as well as how they sounded. Unfortunately, we weren't very pleased with their three-hour battery life and microUSB charging port. The connection with the phone was stable, though, and their IPX5 water-resistance means it's a great option to consider if you want an affordable pair of workout buds.

The buds seem to have been updated since our review though, and now feature an extended battery life that can reach up to five hours on a single charge, as well as IPX7 water-resistance.

If you want to grab a pair, use the link below to place your order on Amazon.