Facebook has a history of collecting mountains of user data and doing a pretty awful job of keeping it safe. If you, for some reason, are comfortable giving Facebook even more data, there's a new app to help you do it. Facebook Viewpoints is a survey app that awards point for participation. When you get enough points, Facebook will give you a whole five bucks.

To use Facebook Viewpoints, you'll have to provide information like your name, email address, country of residence, date of birth, and gender. The app can pull that from your Facebook account, which is the only supported login method at this time. After that, you'll be invited to "programs," which are surveys that award a set number of points. Reach 1,000 points, and Facebook sends you $5 via PayPal. Facebook says it'll be careful with your data (for real this time), and it won't sell it to third-parties. Viewpoints is only for improving Facebook products like Instagram WhatsApp, and Facebook itself.

Viewpoints is still rolling out, so we don't know how easy it will be to reach 1,000 points. One of the screenshots shows a 15-minute survey (with 83 questions) that awards 1,000 points, but that could be an outlier for all we know. Facebook is not the only big company compensating users for taking surveys—Google has the popular Opinion Rewards app, but Google has been a better steward of our data than Facebook. If you really want that Facebook cash and live in the US, you can install the app below.

Facebook Viewpoints
Facebook Viewpoints
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free