As you're surfing Black Friday deals you might be considering how secure all those passwords you're entering are. If you're particularly concerned, Google's Titan security keys can beef up your accounts' security. Whether you're looking to stock up on keys or you've just been curious about trying one, now wouldn't be a bad time to give it a go: Google is offering 15% off their entire Titan range from now until December 6th of this year.

Titan security keys add an extra level of protection to your accounts, being essentially a heavy-duty, physical version of two-factor authentication. After entering your password you'll be prompted to insert your key and connect to complete your log-in. The keys should work with any accounts tied to FIDO-certified services.

Google offers USB-C (US only), USB-A/NFC, and Bluetooth/NFC/USB variants of the Titan key, as well as a bundle containing both the USB-A and Bluetooth keys. Single keys are discounted in the US, while bundles are also 15% off for shoppers in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Japan.