Chargers based on gallium nitride instead of the more traditional silicon can provide truly impressive wattage into an impressively compact package. Anker's PowerPoint Atom III is capable of delivering up to 60W (enough to charge a USB-C laptop), but it may have been hard to recommend at its MSRP of $43. However, this powerful yet pocketable accessory is currently available for the discounted price of $28 ($15 off) on Amazon.

In our review of the single port version, AP's own Ryne Hager noted very few compatibility issues when testing the PoerPort Atom III with a variety of devices. This particular version of the Atom III includes both a USB-C port capable of delivering 45W and a second USB Type-A port that can push 15W.

As is the case with most fast charging accessories, truly universal support is elusive as one proprietary charging technology or another will always slip through the cracks. During our testing, we found that PPS (used on Samsung phones such as the Note10+) to be the one major incompatibility for the Atom III.

This latest price cut on the gallium nitride-based charger is comparable to those that we've covered in the past. And while this deal may not come with any additional savings, it does offer the same discount without the need for a coupon code. For more deals like this, make sure to check out our Black Friday 2019 Hub.