If you're looking for an e-reader this Black Friday, you're probably checking out Amazon. The company is well known for aggressive discounts on its own line of products, and this Black Friday is no exception: Amazon is offering the lowest price yet on the updated base model Kindle, priced at $60 with special offers (down from $90) or $80 without special offers (down from $110).

The current revision of the Kindle boasts a built-in adjustable front light, as well as classic Kindle features, like a glare-free display and extended battery life. The e-reader can be purchased with a three month free trial of Kindle Unlimited. If you're worried you'll forget to cancel the subscription once those three months are up, it's just as simple to leave it off.

If you can accept sponsored screensavers and special offers presented to you on your device, the all-new Kindle can be purchased right now for just $60 ($30 off). If you'd rather not be marketed to while you're trying to read, the Kindle without special offers is still a steal at $80 ($30 off).