Many Hyundai owners are probably already very familiar with the MyHyundai with Blue Link app which offers many conveniences such as checking up on vehicle status, remotely starting the car, and access to helpful resources. For many years, though, the app has been kind of ugly and clunky with some features, like fingerprint security, arriving belatedly on Android long after its iOS counterpart. Now a major app update from Hyundai to version 4.2.4 corrects many of these oversights by bringing in a fresh new design and adding face unlock as optional biometric security.

The first thing owners will notice is the big overhaul to the design and layout of the app, which was long overdue. The home screen has become less cluttered and important functions have been moved down lower on the screen for easier tapping. Besides the home screen, the main menu, navigation bar, and even the app icon have all been redesigned with refreshed Hyundai branding and styling. There is also now a new Message Center for consolidated account and vehicle-related messages from Hyundai, as well as a shortcut to the Track Remote screen where users can view remote activity logs.


Another welcome and significant update is the support for face unlock biometric authentication, which joins the fingerprint and PIN authentication methods previously available in the app. For phones without a fingerprint reader, such as the Pixel 4 family, having this option will be a big time-saver. On other phones with both fingerprint reader and face unlock security, such as my Galaxy S10+, the app asks the user to choose one biometric method but not both.

Left: Pixel 4 gets face unlock option. Right: Galaxy S10+ can use either fingerprint or face unlock.

With this latest app, Hyundai has finally brought feature parity to its iOS version and it's good to see that. If you already have the app, you can update it through the Play Store as usual. If you don't, there is also a link below.

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