We've already learned that the Pixel 4 is just as quick to receive discounts as the Pixel 3 back in the day as it's $200 off in the Google Store this week. If you're interested in using the device on the Fi network, Google will give you an even crazier price: When you activate the phone through the carrier, it'll give you 50% of the full price back in Google Fi credit. That means you can get the smaller Pixel 4 64GB version for the unbelievable bargain price of $400, while the most expensive Pixel 4 XL 128GB will go for $500.

The cashback comes with a few small catches, but nothing too wild. You need to purchase the Pixel 4 or 4 XL from fi.google.com and activate it within the first 60 days of service. Be sure to use the same email for Fi you used to purchase the phone and keep in mind that you need to activate a full service plan — data-only SIMs don't qualify. On a group plan, you can only activate one phone per member, and on an individual plan, you're also limited to one device per person.

You'll receive your credit (meaning free Fi) in subsequent bills, usually starting around 60 to 90 days after activation. The deal is also available to existing Fi customers.

The offer is valid through December 2 at 11:59 pm PST or as long as supply lasts. Head to the source link for more details or the buy link to get the phone right away, and don't forget to check out the Pixel 3a on Fi, which is also heavily reduced and starting at $250 this week.

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  • Abdul Isik and Nick Cipriani

Alternate Title: Google unsurprisingly stabs early adopters in the back and makes all Pixel 4 variants 50% off on Fi less than two months after introducing the phones