We're coming up on that time of year where the discounts flow like aunt May's Thanksgiving tears. After those sessions of stuffed turkey, and in the wake of rambling fights with family over politics and career choices (BLOGGING IS A REAL JOB), do you plan on buying anything between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

For many, these sales are the time to pick stuff up for the winter holidays, saving you money on presents if you have a bit of foresight and some early cash to spend. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the days of sales in between, there are going to be quite a lot of discounts on electronics.

If you don't have the time to follow each individual deal yourself, as always, we'll be doing our monumental, continuously updated roundup of every discount that we spot. That means you can check in just once or twice looking for what you want when you want, saving you plenty of time to spend/regret with family this weekend.

If for no other reason than so we know what to keep an eye out for, what do you plan on buying for Black Friday? Select all that apply, and feel free to chime in on more specific wishes in comments as well. No promises, but we'll try to keep an eye out.

Are you planning to buy anything between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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