Those who have come into contact with super-fast refresh rate displays have hyped them to be a big-time ruiner for anyone going back to 60Hz or less. Razer brought a 120Hz experience to mobile with its phones and while their viability has been in question, you'd probably still be interested in giving the Razer Phone 2 a try. Lucky for you, the company's dropping this ol' reliable down to its lowest price yet.

Alright, yes, a Razer Phone 3 might not be happening (at least this year...) and that doesn't exactly instill confidence about the software support timeline. But remember that the phone itself is barely a year old, has some good cooling stacked on top of its Snapdragon 845, and has a respectable LED glow-up config. Oh yeah, and that 120Hz display. Fun stuff to play around with.

If you're looking for a way around the Black Friday madness, Razer and participating retailers — Amazon and Best Buy, up to you where your loyalties lie — are offering the phone for $300 right now. That's its lowest price yet and down $100 from its recent perch. It's not exactly burner phone territory, but if you're wanting to be spoiled by super smooth content, try this little thing out.

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