The Pixel Slate probably wasn't the wild success that Google hoped for, so much so that the company has given up on future Chrome OS tablets. Still, the Pixel Slate has its fans, and it just got its software support extended to June 2026. Now you can grab every model of the Slate for $350 off, and Google is throwing in a free pen and keyboard.

Each variant of the Slate is $350 off right now, making the cheapest base model (equipped with an Intel Core m3 CPU and 8GB RAM) $450 instead of $800. Higher-end models with a Core i5 or Core i7 processors are also available, with up to 16GB RAM and 256GB of storage.

Google is also throwing in a free Pixelbook pen (normally $99) and a keyboard as part of the deal. The Google Store lets you pick between the first-party keyboard cover ($199) and the Brydge G-Type Keyboard ($159.99), but other stores will only give you the pen and Slate Keyboard.

You can check out the sale at the link below. The offer ends December 4th, and it can't be combined with any other offers (presumably including the 10% student discount).