10tons Ltd. is an indie publisher that is probably best known for publishing the titles Tesla vs Lovecraft and Neon Chrome on the Play Store. Today the latest game from the publisher has arrived on Android. This game is called Undead Horde, and it's a strategic hack-and-slash title that's been available on Steam since May, and it's been reviewed rather positively in the last six months. At its core, it's a necromantic action game that also contains RPG elements, and it will be your job to raise the dead to hack and slash your way to ruling over the world of the living.

The trailer above should provide a solid look at what you can expect from the port of Undead Horde. The video is a little short, but it definitely shows off the core gameplay of raising an undead army to take on the title's varied enemies. The touchscreen controls are pretty simple, but they work well. There's a floating analog stick on the left, and your moves are located on the right. Luckily, if you prefer physical controller support, I can confirm it's included with today's Android release. Really, the only thing that's missing is Nvidia Shield support.

I'm also pleased to announce that Undead Horde is indeed a premium release on the Play Store, which means there are no in-app purchases or advertisements in tow. In order to celebrate today's official launch, the game is currently on sale, which means you can pick it up for $5.49, though I'm unsure how long this sale will last, so take advantage while you can.

All in all, Undead Horde is an extremely solid indie game that offers exactly what you would expect from such a title. While it's clearly not a AAA release, what you get is an enjoyable action game with pleasant graphics, deep mechanics, quality controls, a fair price, and a primary story that should take about five and a half hours to beat. For $5.49, that's a steal. So if you'd like to pick up the game today, you can purchase it through the Play Store widget below.

Undead Horde
Undead Horde
Developer: 10tons Ltd
Price: $6.99

Press Release

10tons' Necromancer Simulator Undead Horde Now Available on Google Play

Tampere, Finland, Nov 22nd 2019 – multi-platform game developer and publisher 10tons releases Undead Horde on Google Play today. Undead Horde is an action RPG with RTS influenced necromancer mechanics for re-animating and commanding a horde of minions. The original price is USD/EUR 9.99, but there's a launch discount of roughly 40-50% depending on the area.

"So far the reception on mobile for Undead Horde has been awesome. We hope the Google Play release continues the trend. In future we'd love to bring the game to Stadia as well.", said Sampo Töyssy, the lead developer of Undead Horde at 10tons.

The main hook of Undead Horde is the deeply integrated necromancy. The Necromancer can re-animate almost any dead creature he encounters. The army can be also commanded to attack or follow.

Necromancer's army comes from multiple sources including the corpses in the battlefield, graves, and ultimately summoning statues. Statues must be unlocked before they can be used. The only limiting factor is the command capacity of the Necromancer. The command capacity can be increased in various ways.

Undead Horde is set in a fantasy world where the living have driven the undead into exile and the main protagonist Orcen the Necromancer was imprisoned in a magical urn by the paladins. The story starts as a cavalier chicken accidentally breaks the urn and releases the prisoner. Once free, Orcen needs to raise the dead to form his army and take back the world from the paladins and the living.

In addition to necromancery, the Necromancer can use various weapons and items. The items provide numerous options for boosting the minions and the necromancer. Items are procedurally generated and an endless amount of interesting items and combos can be discovered.

Undead Horde is built using 10tons Ltd. proprietary game engine technology and is now available on PCs, consoles and mobile.