The Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to be released early next year, which means that the rumor mill is about to spin up any moment now. In fact, OnLeaks and 91mobiles have teamed up to release the first renders and hardware specifications of the upcoming flagship series, opening the leak festival with fanfare. It looks like the new devices will come with a five-camera array with a resolution of up to 108MP on the back, making the Pixel and the iPhone green with envy.

The renders

Looking at the front of the device, the most obvious change compared to the Galaxy S10 series is the new spot of the camera, which now sits in a punch hole in the top middle of the screen. It seems like the display's edge curve is flatter than on its predecessor, but the renders could be deceiving. On the left side, the Bixby button is gone, while the volume and power buttons can be found to the right of the screen. The area around them looks like it's slightly raised so they're easier to reach when the phone lies flat on the table. The bottom sports a speaker grill and a USB-C port, while there are microphones both on the bottom and the top. Just like on the Note10, a headphone jack is nowhere to be seen.

The back is more interesting, if you care about photography. Five sensors and an LED flash are arranged in a raised surface that's even larger than the iPhone's or Pixel's. 91mobiles reports that while three of these are regular cameras and one is probably a ToF sensor, the purpose of the fifth lens is still to be determined. A Samsung logo is the only thing accompanying the camera array on the back — it looks pretty minimalist. The renders show both a black and a white version of the device, and it looks like they're all glass front and back, like we're used to.


The rumored hardware

91mobiles also has some information to share concerning the Galaxy S11's hardware. The new series is supposed to launch in the same three variants known from the Galaxy S10, so we'll likely see an S11, S11e, and an S11+. The former two are rumored to come in 4G and 5G variants while the latter will only be available in a 5G version. Internationally, the phones are likely powered by the Exynos 990 while they'll ship with the Snapdragon 865 in the US.

We don't know if all versions will receive the same camera treatment, but the rumor points to Samsung's new ISOCELL HMX sensor that you can also find in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. It is capable of outputting a resolution of 108MP. With the help of the other sensors, the S11 is supposed to be able to achieve 5x optical zoom, 8K video recording, vertical panoramas, night hyperlapse, and more.

The S11e could come with a 6.3 or 6.4-inch screen, while the S11 and S11 Pro could be equipped with 6.7 and 6.9-inch displays. Since these are Samsung phones, they'll probably feature AMOLED panels. 91mobiles says that they will have support for HDR10+ and a resolution of "up to QHD+," and points to rumors that the series could come with 120Hz screens.

On the software side, the phones are most likely going to come with One UI 2.0 and Android 10. Reportedly, they will be presented on February 18th.

While this leak already spills a lot of beans, there are still many unknowns left to surprise us. We don't know much about the image sensors other than the ISOCELL HMX — the fifth one specifically remains a mystery. Samsung probably also has some new software tricks and other less obvious feats up its sleeve, and it still remains to be seen which RAM, storage, and further color variations there will be.

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