An official Call of Duty: Mobile account on Reddit has revealed that a significant update is coming to the game later today. It's slated to arrive at 21:00 PST, and this update will include controller support, a new zombie mode, and new maps. A new Battle Pass is also coming, but it won't arrive until November 25th. Back when I covered the release of Call of Duty: Mobile in October, I was delighted with the shooter, though the missing controller support was a sticking point. Thankfully Activision has been listening to its fans, so the announcement for today's update is indeed very welcome news.

As you can see in the Facebook video above (just click on it so it animates), the horde is coming, which means zombies will soon arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile. While I'm sure a zombie mode is something many people have been waiting for, I'm more excited about the arrival of controller support. While I have no problem playing with the stock touchscreen controls, there's no denying that physical controllers often feel better when playing a shooter.

While details about today's update are rather light, the official Reddit post has stipulated exactly when we can expect the arrival by breaking the release down by time zones. So if you're interested in learning exactly when you can expect the update to land in your region, I've pasted this list below.

  • Los Angeles: Nov 22 - 21:00 PST
  • New York: Nov 23 - 00:00 EST
  • Sao Paulo: Nov 23 - 2:00 BRT
  • London: Nov 23- 5:00 GMT
  • Stockholm: Nov 23 - 6:00 CET
  • Berlin: Nov 23 - 6:00 CET
  • Moscow: Nov 23 - 8:00 MSK
  • New Delhi: Nov 23 - 10:30 IST
  • Sydney: Nov 23 - 16:00 AEDT
  • Tokyo: Nov 23 - 14:00 JST

So there you have it. Call of Duty: Mobile will receive a major update today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone), and it will bring with it some of the more requested features such as a zombie mode and controller support. While I'm not too sure why there is a delay for the release of the new Battle Pass slated to arrive on the 25th, I suppose waiting a few days for season 2 to kick off isn't a big deal. At the very least, this will give players an opportunity to practice playing with a controller before they jump into the latest season. So if you'd like to check out this update whenever it arrives in your region, feel free to grab the game through the Play Store widget below.