Portable projectors have been the fantasy of entertainment enthusiasts for decades. Over the past years, the image quality, tech, and price have become better and more reasonable, but most devices either run a sloppy OS or don't run one at all. If you want a TV-centric platform on your portable projector, you should consider this XGIMI MoGo projector, which comes with Android TV and is now down from $400 to $340 on Amazon.

I recently reviewed the MoGo and was pretty pleased with it overall. It has a bright image (210 ANSI Lumens), automatic keystone correction, loud speakers, and it runs Android TV 9.0 with the Play Store. It has USB and HDMI input, comes with a remote, acts as a Chromecast, and has Assistant built in. Overall, it's like having a Shield TV that's ready to go with you to any room or outdoor space.

However, the image resolution is 540p. I know this sounds horrendous on paper, but for a portable projector in this price range with this brightness, you'd be hard-pressed to find better. The MoGo also needs a DC charger to fill up, and doesn't support Netflix natively. (You can find workarounds.)

The thing you need to keep in mind though is that there aren't many other Android TV portable projectors, and none at this price. The higher-end MoGo Pro brings the resolution up to 1080p and the brightness to 300 ANSI, but costs $550, while Anker's Nebula Capsule II has a 720p res, 200 ANSI, and USB-C but is $550 as well.

At $400, the regular MoGo was already a decent value, but at $340, it's even more competitively priced. The $60 off deal is valid until December 2 on Amazon, so you have a bit of time to consider this purchase with your Black Friday and holiday shopping splurge.