If you're a T-Mobile prepaid customer and have just received an email from the carrier, you might want to read it instead of sending it straight to trash: the company said it has blocked off unauthorized access to some of its subscribers' private information and that notified customers may need to take action.

The company has alerted those affected through email and linked them to a customer support landing page. It specifies that no credit card, social security numbers, or passwords were revealed to malicious actors, but other personal data were such as name, phone number, account number, rate plan, any add-on services if applicable, and billing address (if the customer provided one).

Notified customers are advised to update the passcode to access their account. They may also want to consider other measures by consulting customer service. They may dial 611 on their T-Mobile device, 1-800-T-MOBILE from anywhere, or reach T-Mobile support at its website, [email protected], or on various social media. Customers who recently moved off of T-Mobile prepaid service and are worried that their information might be compromised may also wish to contact the company.

We've asked T-Mobile for more details about what it knows. We'll update this story if and when we hear back.

T-Mobile disclosed another security breach last year with a similar scarcity of details.