Last year, Google introduced Smart Compose to Gmail, a feature that takes the words right out of your mouth and completes sentences for you. It seems that it's both popular and reliable, as the company wants to start a test of the service in Google Docs, helping you complete common phrases and sentences more easily.

In contrast to the usual random A/B tests Google loves for trying new features, you'll have to be a G Suite domain administrator to apply for this beta through a web form. When you're accepted, all users on your domain will see smart compose suggestions. Google says that just like in Gmail, the feature will help you cut back "on repetitive writing, while reducing the chance of spelling and grammatical errors."

Since the beta is so limited at the moment, it'll probably take quite some time until it hits users outside of the G Suite bubble. Hopefully, texts written in Google Docs won't become stale and indistinguishable following the wide release of this feature. It's one thing to write repetitive phrases in emails, but a different story altogether in prose or other long-form texts.

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