One of the most common complaints we hear whenever a new Google product arrives (besides the pile of "when is it getting shut down" unoriginal jokes) is that G Suite users either can't try the new product at all, or there is limited functionality. Assistant has historically been extremely limited for G Suite accounts, but some of that is changing today.

"We’re opening a beta program to allow G Suite users to accomplish more on-the-go with the Google Assistant when logged in with a G Suite account," Google wrote on its G Suite blog. The new functionality includes creating/rescheduling calendar events, sending an email, and dialing into a meeting.

The beta program has to be enabled by the admin(s) of each G Suite organization, so it's not something individuals can turn on right now. There's also one caveat: if you have both a regular Google account and a G Suite account, Assistant can only answer questions for one of them at a time.

There's no word on when G Suite accounts will be able to use the updated Google Assistant that first arrived on the Pixel 4. The post also didn't mention when reminders will become available.