When I set up my smart home infrastructure, I waited until Black Friday discounts to pay a little less for all my intelligent devices. Whether you're starting from scratch or want to add new products to your existing smart home configuration, you'll be able to benefit from exciting markdowns on a wide array of Nest products. These include security cameras, alarms, locks, thermostats, smart speakers, connected displays, and Wi-Fi routers. The markdowns will be available from November 28 until December 4, which will give you plenty of time to shop.


  • Nest Cam Indoor

If you're looking for a reliable yet simple indoor camera, the Nest Cam Indoor is a good choice. It features a sleek design with a magnetic stand and offers a 1080p Full HD resolution with infrared night vision and two-way audio. Thanks to motion sensing, Nest automatically notifies you if something's up. It can even recognize the sound of a window breaking and let you know instantly.

  • Nest Cam Indoor (Three-pack)
  • Nest Cam Outdoor

To keep an eye on your front door or your yard, the Nest Cam Outdoor is a great option. It comes with the same great features as the indoor version but is designed to resist rain and harsher temperatures, ranging from –4°F to 104°F.

  • Nest Cam Outdoor (Two-pack)
  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor

If you need a more powerful camera with smarter features, the IQ versions are the right option. They come with Google Assistant built-in, so you won't have to buy a Nest Mini, provided you don't mind conversing with your camera. Image quality is also better on this product, as you'll get 4K sensors and HDR support. Check out our detailed review to learn more about the Nest Cam IQ.

  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor (Two-pack)
  • Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Thanks to its tamper-proofing and 12x digital zoom, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor helps you leave your house without worrying. With $70 off its original price, this is a pretty interesting deal. You'll find further details on the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor in our full product review.

  • Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (Two-pack)
  • Nest Hello doorbell camera

Your front door is probably where you'd want a camera the most, and the Nest Hello doorbell helps you keep an eye on it easily and in style. It features a wide-angle lens with q 1200p sensor, HDR, and night vision, and can automatically recognize packages and familiar faces. Before you buy, take a look at our review to learn more about the Nest Hello.

Alarms and locks

  • Nest Secure kit

The Secure kit includes everything you need to protect your home from unwanted intrusions. The bundle comes with the Nest Guard, two Nest Detect sensors, and two tags. If you need more sensors, they're also on sale, and you can buy them using the links below. Have a look at our review to find out what we liked about the Nest Secure.

  • Nest x Yale Lock

To design its smart lock, Nest teamed up with Yale but kept the design very sleek. It also has the benefit of being a Google product, and therefore integrates perfectly with the whole ecosystem.

  • Nest Protect

Fire alarms are an essential part of making sure your abode is safe. The Nest Protect contributes to protecting you from fires, but since it's a smart product, it can also detect if there's mild smoke coming from something that's burning up, say toast for example. For added convenience, it can even light up the way at night.

  • Nest Protect (Three-pack)


  • Nest Learning Thermostat

This is probably Nest's most popular product.  It's now reached its third-generation and is definitely the go-to option if you're considering a smart thermostat. Not only will it help you save energy, it will also automatically learn based on your preferences and automatically adapt to your routine over time.

  • Nest Thermostat E

If the above product is too pricey for your budget, the Nest Thermostat E is also an excellent option. It's slightly cheaper than the third-generation Learning Thermostat but offers many of the same features. If compatibility with older HVAC systems isn't an issue for you, then it's worth considering this product. Make sure to check out our full review before your purchase to get a better idea of what it's worth.


  • Google Home Mini (first gen)

At this price, the first-generation Home Mini is a steal. I'd definitely recommend buying one if you don't mind its poor audio quality. However, it's an excellent option to make your home smarter or even add a small speaker in an extra room.

  • Smart Light Starter Kit

If you're new to the smart home game, this kit comes with a Home Mini and a GE C-Life bulb to get you started in no time. Even if you have everything you need, it costs just $6 more than getting only the Home Mini, so you might as well go for this bundle and screw the bulb on one of your lamps.

For $10 more than the Home Mini, you can upgrade to the latest generation. It has much better audio and an extra microphone to hear you better. I'd recommend going for this one if you intend to place it in a larger room, as it'll be easier to communicate with it. To find out more about the Nest Mini, have a look at our detailed review.

  • Google Home

Google's first and main speaker is still an excellent option, and it's now 50% off! It's bulkier than the Minis but offers better sound quality, making it a more relevant device for the ones who'll use it for music playback.

Smart Displays

  • Nest Hub

Whether you're looking for a photo frame or a screen to glance at while cooking, the Nest Hub is a perfect option. It comes with Assistant and will be able to help with common queries, and its screen means you can also watch content without reaching for another device.

  • Hub Max

If the Nest Hub's screen is a little too small for you, the Hub Max is the one you need. It also comes with a built-in camera, which will let you place video calls directly from your device. When we reviewed it, we reported it was the best smart display on the market.


  • Chromecast

At just $25, the Chromecast is a steal. It'll let you cast content to your TV directly from your phone or by talking to a smart speaker.

  • Chromecast Ultra

If you have a 4K TV and want to watch videos in Ultra HD, go for the Chromecast Ultra. It's twice the price, though, so I'd recommend checking if there's 4K content on your favorite streaming platforms before buying.


  • Google Wifi

Google Wifi is one of the best mesh routers available on the market. It's simple, fast, and one sale, so what's the reason not to buy it? To learn more about Google Wifi, make sure to read our in-depth review.

  • Nest Wifi Router

For a premium, you can also get the latest Nest Wifi router, which is faster and has a better range. If you get the add-on points, you can use them as Nest Minis, meaning you won't need to buy one of those and save some space and money. You can learn more about the Nest WiFi in our exhaustive review.

  • Nest Wifi Single add-on point 
  • Nest Wifi Router and add-on point
  • Nest Wifi router two-pack
    • Amazon - $259 ($40 off, $299 MSRP)
  • Nest Wifi router and two add-on points

These deals will go live in just a few days. Make sure to check out our selection of the best Black Friday deals to get the best discounts on phones, smart home products, and more.