The last thing you want to be exposed to when you're making the long schlep to your grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner is a whole bunch of noise: crying babies on airplanes, incessant gossip on the train, non-stop snoring on the bus. You might want to feed your ears something more pleasant and keep the headphone jack out of this business with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. How about a pair of Aukey Key Series B80 earbuds? They're basically half off if you stack a coupon that Amazon provides right on the buying page and put in a promo code!

Our Taylor Kerns actually tried out the B60 earbuds earlier this year and found them to be modern and comfortable with passable sound that gets you buy. The newer B80, which we haven't had a chance to test, is presumably a step up. As with its cohort, it connects via Bluetooth 5, charges on USB-C, and lasts for 8 hours on a cycle. They're sweat-resistant (rated IPX6) and are supposed to sound better with a wider frequency output range. They come with three sizes of bud tips and a carrying case, too.

As they are still fairly new, they're still listed at their original price of $80. They did get a sale at launch with an introductory price of $44, though.

Right now, however, if you check the box on the B80's Amazon page to get 20% off and then enter coupon code X9ZLO6P4 at checkout, you'll get down to just about half-price at $40.