Wyze offers a selection of great smart home products at affordable prices, but it's best known for its capable and inexpensive security cameras. In addition to support for local microSD card storage, they can also upload events detected by motion to the cloud, but clips have always been limited to 12 seconds. Now the company is testing a paid option that lets you upload full events to the cloud, without duration restrictions and cooldown rates.


The new feature is called Complete Motion Capture and is part of the Wyze app 2.6 beta on Android and iOS. To take part in a free trial of the service, head to Account > Wyze Service and activate it, and you'll have to upgrade your cam to the latest beta firmware under Account > Firmware Upgrade. You'll be able to see complete clips of captured motion events on one of your cameras, with support for multiple devices coming later. Judging from the company's wording, the subscription will also forgo the 5-minute cooldown rate before the next free clip that's been bothering some people using the current cloud implementation.

Wyze app 2.6.25 /2.6.26
  • Added Complete Motion Capture, a service that allows your camera to record and store the videos to the cloud whenever there is motion. A Free Trial is available in Account->Wyze Service.
  • Added functions to jump from any event video to camera live stream or the exact moment on microSD card Playback. (“View the Moment”)
  • Improved Rules and device sharing
  • Added “Works with” Alexa to the Wyze app

If you don't feel like burdening yourself with yet another recurring fee in the long run, Wyze also makes jumping from 12-second event clips to full recordings easier by adding a button in the app that takes you to the corresponding footage on your microSD card. Similarly, the update allows you to jump to your camera's livestream from any of its event videos.

If you'd like to try out the new feature for yourself, head to the Play Store and sign up for the beta.

Stable launch and pricing

Wyze has just announced the official launch of Complete Motion Capture, so we finally know what the service will cost. After a free 14-day trial, you'll pay a monthly fee of $1.50 for each Wyze Cam you'd like to enable it on. The subscription can be used in version 2.6 of the Wyze app, which has just been released to the Play Store, and you'll also need to update your Wyze Cam's firmware. The company notes that due to hardware limitations, Wyze Cam v1 or devices with RTSP are not supported.

Wyze app v2.6.42
  • Added Complete Motion Capture (learn more at http://services.wyze.com)
  • Added overnight scheduling to Rules
  • Added labels to Schedules and Device Triggers in Rules
  • Added a conditional schedule for device trigger Rules
  • Event videos are now available even if the Wyze Cam is removed from the account
  • Improved sharing experience
  • Added linking to Alexa from the Wyze app
  • Added phone number input to Shop
  • Added comment reply notifications for Shop and Discover
  • Bug fixes

Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter
Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter
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