If you are worried about the security of your home but have been overwhelmed with the task of creating a home security system, look no further than the eufyCam 2C. This smart security kit is much more than just a camera; it also includes motion sensing, and a floodlight to deter intruders. You can get a eufyCam 2C kit with two cameras for $50 off—just $200 on Amazon.

The eufyCam lineup has some of the most straightforward security cameras on the market. The units don't need wired power connections, running instead on their 180-day batteries. Furthermore, the eufyCam is IP67 waterproof so that you can mount it outdoors without any additional housing. The cameras connect to the base station, which has 16GB of storage—enough room for up to 3 months of recorded footage. The base station is also how the cameras connect to your home network, which allows you to get real-time alerts on your smartphone via the eufy app.

The eufyCam 2C 2-cam kit is currently $50 off on eufy's store as well as Amazon, down from its usual price of $250. Both stores are also offering free shipping on the item.