Cutting the cord is a difficult decision, but Sling makes it easier. Its service offers live TV so there's no need to give up on football, your local stations, or the 24-hour news cycle. Sling has supported Chromecast for some time now, and today the company is adding voice control options as well as the ability to stream on your Google Assistant smart displays.

Setting up Sling to work with your Google Assistant devices is similar to adding any other streaming service: you must first find the "Videos and Photos" section in Google Assistant settings (a somewhat easier task since the Google Home app redesign) where you can link your Sling account. As this is a server-side change, it may take some time until you see Sling as a video provider while the new service rolls out. Having linked your account, you can ask an Assistant speaker to play any Sling content on your TV or Smart Display.

The Videos and Photos section of the Home app, accessible via Home -> Settings -> TV & video. Note that it isn't available for me above, as it hasn't rolled out to everyone just yet.

If you'd like to try the new viewing and control options but you don't have a Sling account, Sling is offering new customers a free 3-day trial. After that, subscriptions start at $25 a month.