Google’s acclaimed gaming service is already off to a rough start with some canceled preorders and several hyped features getting delayed until 2020. Joining the list of snags is the users’ inability to sign up for Stadia with a G Suite account. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Google account associated with your workplace cannot be used with personal services, but in this case, Google is also disregarding legacy users.

Lately, a resolute Google has been busy drawing a line between its consumer and business services, which recently rendered the new Assistant unusable with G Suite accounts. Stadia might as well be in a similar situation. While this makes sense for business accounts issued by a larger organization, folks on G Suite legacy free edition may not be particularly pleased with the step. Moreover, barring all G Suite accounts from accessing consumer products also affects those individuals subscribed to the Basic plan for personal use, perhaps for a custom email address.

When trying to sign up for Stadia with any G Suite account, Google will suggest using a personal Gmail address instead, which may be difficult for a legacy user. It is troubling because the software giant doesn’t make moving to a personal account particularly easy, neither does it allow using custom domains in Gmail’s consumer version.

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