Google Earth got a full makeover two years ago with support for modern web browsers and new apps. Google also rolled out the Voyager program with the new Earth, featuring stories from the BBC, The Jane Goodall Institute, and more. Now, the map-based storytelling tools used for the Voyager experiences are available to everyone in Google Earth on the web.

With the new creation tools, you can add custom placemarks, lines, and shapes to locations in Google Earth. The site also supports importing images and videos attached to these locations to help build your narrative. You can also collaborate with other people on the same project via Earth.

When you're done with your Google Earth story, you can share it with the new "Present" button. These features integrate with Google Drive, making it easy for anyone to access your story with a phone, tablet, or web browser (here's an example). The creation tools are currently only live in the web version of Google Earth, but you can view custom stories via the mobile app.

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